Positive Alternatives Inc. manages four group homes: Positive Alternatives-Menomonie,  Positive Alternatives-River Falls, Positive Alternatives-Wood County, and Positive Alternatives-Amery.  Positive Alternatives Group Home-Amery is an eight bed group foster home for female youth only.  All of the other homes are eight bed co-ed group foster homes.  All are State Licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families.  All houses are governed by Wisconsin Administrative Code DCF57.  The homes provide structure, safety, and accountability to youth in need of alternate care. Positive Alternatives-Wood County only accepts youth from Wood County.  However, the other three group homes accept residents from throughout the state. All homes offer the same services including: Long term, short term, 72-hour holds, respite, and crisis placements.


What we can offer you:
72-hour holds are generally used as a non-secure sanction. It is a short term consequence for youth where no privileges are granted.  Youth complete community service, packet work and daily homework.  Counties may choose to place a youth for a 48-72 hour hold as an alternative to detention.
Long Term Care is for youth requiring 24-hour supervision for 30 or more days.  The setting provides a highly structured environment that promotes positive choices and responsible actions.


  • Customized treatment plan
  • Positive recreation
  • Community Service
  • Education
  • Independent living skills
  • Daily psycho-educational groups – youth with more intense clinical needs are referred to outside agencies
  • Level and phase system

Phase System Explained: At Positive Alternatives, we incorporate a “Phase System” where phases are earned through treatment plan progress.  The four phases are:

  1. Youth identifies problem areas.
  2. Youth explores alternatives and interventions.
  3. Youth replaces old behaviors with new, alternate behaviors and interventions.
  4. Youth transitions back into the community.

Program is available to those who need a healthy break in order to maintain a positive home environment.  Voluntary placement is offered on a regular schedule or an as-needed basis.  Youth participate in groups and recreation as appropriate with all privileges.  Youth may stay for a specific amount of time such as one weekend a month or in a “crisis” for up to 15 days. 
A stay of 30 days or less is considered a Short Term/shelter stay. This is usually utilized for stabilization or to offer the family and county time to develop services to meet the youth’s needs in the home. 
Utilized to remove youth from an acute crisis situation with placement overnight or for up to 30 days.  Youth attends group and participates in appropriate activities.  This temporary shelter stay offers the county worker time to evaluate the immediate needs of the youth and implement a plan.
Aftercare services are offered to all long-term residents who reside in the group home for a minimum of 90 days. A Case Manager will be assigned prior to discharge to assist in planning and preparing for the upcoming discharge which includes: establishing client and family goals, link to appropriate services, identify expected outcomes, and create a plan to reach those outcomes.  Aftercare services are provided for 6 months following discharge at no additional cost and can include both face-to-face visits and phone contact.

For more information, please contact one of our group home program coordinators: Chelsi Lauer in Menomonie, Andy Altmann in River Falls, Jodie Vena in Wood County, or Laura Clark in Amery.

Our intake forms are universal between all houses.  You may view and print these forms from here.
River Falls Contact                                              Menomonie Contact                                              Amery Contact                                                Wood County Contact
Andy Altmann, B.S.                                       Chelsi Lauer, B.S.                                                Laura Clark, B.A.                                        Jodie Vena, B.S. CSW
715-426-2224                                                   715-235-9552                                                      715-268-7997                                             715-712-1617

Directions to group homes can be found here.

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