Permission forms are provided to help make the intake process quicker as well as to allow parents the ability to read the forms prior to intake in case any questions arise.

All of our intake materials are universal between Menomonie, River Falls, and Amery.

All forms can be used for Wood and Marathon County except for the Release of Information.  Each County’s version of this form is available separately below.

Parent Permission Forms

For your convenience, we have bundled all of our intake permission forms (.pdf form) into one .zip file:

Parent Intake Forms (pdf)

You can also access each form individually:

Intake Consents 2015 (doc) / Intake Consents 2015 (pdf)

Medical Services Consent 2012 (pdf)

Nonmedical Consents 2012 (pdf)

Release of Information (pdf)

Prudent Parenting Forms (doc)

Wood Co Release of Information (pdf)

Marathon Co Release of Information (pdf)

Situational forms:

Voluntary-Placement-Agreement (pdf)


For more information, please contact one of our group home Program Coordinators.