Our Intervention Services works with youth and parents to improve family, community and school relationships as well as to prevent out of home placement. The program has been used in conjunction with waiver funding to assist in stabilization of mental health issues and behaviors in the home and school. Case managers are trained in the use of Motivational Interviewing and use these skills to help the youth and the family to reach their goals.


What we can offer you:
Day supervision is for youth who have been suspended, expelled, or are frequently truant, youth who can only “handle” a portion of the school day, youth who need to attend an extra group or have a structured study hall, or those youth who require extra supervision after school hours.  The day is structured to include study/work time.  Teachers are asked to send homework and Intervention Services staff work on daily living skills, life skills and groups.

Full program description and resources here.

The P.A.S.S./Mentoring program is an individualized program where youth meet one-on-one a mentor with the goal of maintaining medium to high-risk youth in the home environment and prevent out of home placement.  The program works with both the youth and the parent or guardian.  Youth are referred for a number of reasons including delinquency, mental health, and family or emotional instability.   Many youth and families in the program are funded through Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) or the local Human Services Department.  The program has worked with youth from many different counties each with different needs. Youth participate in activities with mentors that promote positive community involvement as well as healthy lifestyle choices to help reach their goals. Mentors strive to assist youth in developing healthy coping skills, pro-social behaviors, and problem-solving skills in all activities.

Full program description and resources here.

 Supervised Visitation is for parents who have lost temporary or permanent custody of a child or children and have been approved to visit the child or children under supervision. Positive Alternatives provides a safe mediation of this interaction and documents observations of the parent and child engagement. The goal of this program is usually child reunification with non-custodial parents.

Supervised Visit Referral Form

The Check and Connect program is an evidenced based intervention program designed to enhance student engagement at school through relationship building, problem-solving, and persistence. The Check and Connect Mentor checks on students engagement at school by closely monitoring their attendance, behavior, and grades. Additionally, the Check and Connect Mentor connects with students by offering individualized interventions by partnering with school personnel, parents, and families.

Full program description and resources here.

Amanda Schutte, B.S.