Community Based Services works with youth and families to improve family, community and school relationships as well as to prevent out of home placement. The program is used in conjunction with waiver Comprehensive Community Serivices (CCS) and other funding to assist in stabilization of mental health issues and behaviors in the home and school. Case Managers are trained in the use of Motivational Interviewing and Trauma Informed Care and use these skills to help the youth and the family to reach their goals.


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 Day Supervision is for youth who have been suspended or expelled, participate in reduced enrollment, or experience family dynamics that make supervision challenging. Youth are provided supervision during daytime hours.  Day Supervision provides additional structure to include study and homework time, organization and independent living skills, and truancy related issues.  Staff work onsite with youth individually or in a group setting. 

Full program description and resources here.

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 The Mentoring program is an individualized program where youth meet one-on-one with a Mentor.   The program works with both the youth and the parent/guardian.  Youth are referred for several of reasons including delinquency, mental health, and family or emotional instability.  Many youth and families in the program are funded through CCS or the local Human Services Department.  The program has worked with youth from many different counties each with different needs. Youth participate in activities with Mentors that promote positive community involvement as well as healthy lifestyle choices to help reach their goals. Mentors strive to assist youth in developing healthy coping skills, pro-social behaviors, and problem-solving skills in all activities. 

Full program description and resources here.

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 Case Managers supervise visits between non-custodial parent(s) and their children and complete required documentation following each visit.  Visits may be on-site, in the community or in the family’s home.  Transportation of children is included with services when needed.  We accept families from either a county referral or on a private pay basis.  We promote a transition from supervised visitation to unsupervised, all with a primary goal of child well-being and reunification 

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The Blessing Box, located on the property of Oak Ridge Lutheran Brethren Church in Menomonie, was established to provide our local, rural community and its members with resources they may need to flourish and survive, such as non-perishable food items, personal hygiene items, new household items, new small clothing items, and first aid related items.  All items placed in the Blessing Box will be accessible to anyone in need, regardless of their age, race, status, background, religion, sexual orientation, and so forth.   The Blessing Box is also a way to engage and involve local community members and establishments to actively participate in helping to keep it successful and stocked

To find out how you can donate today, please contact the Program Director, Amanda Schutte.

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