The “ankle bracelet” offers a cost effective placement option which satisfies supervision and public safety for juveniles.  A passive Global Positioning System is used to monitor compliance with court ordered requirements and curfews.

Program Goals:

  • Reduce the number and amount of time juveniles spend in out of home placements.
  • Monitor court and county compliance.
  • Encourage youth to adhere to set guidelines prior to the need for an out of home setting.

Program Execution:

  • Encourage and promote responsible thinking and actions among youth by requiring them to attend school and comply with set guidelines while remaining in the home setting.
  • Provide families with support they need to adequately supervise their youth.
  • Assist with court orders to reduce the need for out of home placements.

For information contact the Program Coordinator, Amanda Schutte, B.S. by e-mail or by telephone at (715)426-2224