Many parents have questions about their child’s living situation after a placement in Positive Alternatives Group Home.  This information will hopefully help to answer some of those questions.  Parent permission forms are also provided to help make the intake process quicker.  We recommend that parents read the forms prior to intake in case any questions arise.  You can access these forms on the Client Forms section of our website.

Parent Handbook


Residents are allowed privileges based on light and level.  Lights and levels are determined by behavior.  A resident with a green (Green) light  is allowed full privileges based on their level.  A resident with a yellow (Yellow) light has limited privileges until a specified task completed or expectation is met.  A resident with a red (Red) light has restricted privileges for a set period of time or until an expectation is met.  A resident placed on Resident Restriction (RR) until certain expectations are met and a specified amount of time has passed.  Resident levels are based on a point-system given for tasks and expectations throughout the day.  The higher the level a resident has earned, the more privileges a resident is allowed, provided they have a green light.  More information on the lights and level system can be provided upon request.

Contact List

The contact list is a list of people (family, friends, etc.) that are allowed to contact or to be contacted by a resident via telephone, mail, or visit.  Every person must be cleared by your child’s social worker before being added to the contact list.  Social workers, attorneys, and similar professionals are automatically added to the contact list.  People may be added to the contact list with limitations specified by the social worker.

Phone Calls

Residents are allowed to make and receive phone calls each day to or from someone on the approved contact list.  Each program has slightly different rules when it comes to phone calls (times of day phone calls are allowed, number of calls per day, duration of phone calls, ability to make/receive calls while on consequence, etc.), so please familiarize yourself with phone call rules and expectations by talking with the Program Director or Case Manager of the house that your child resides in.  Exceptions to certain phone call rules are made in emergency situations.


Residents are allowed to send and receive mail to and from any person (unless restricted by court order).  Residents are allowed to receive packages, but packages may not contain contraband restricted in the group home.  Group home staff may have residents open mail under supervision to ensure that contraband is not contained in the package or envelope.  If there are any questions about the sorts of items allowed in the group home, please contact the assigned Case Manager for your resident.


Residents are allowed on-grounds or off-grounds visits with people on their approved contact list.  All visits must be approved by the Program Director or Case Manager during business hours (9:00 am – 4:00 pm, Monday – Friday).  Weekend visits must be approved by the Program Director or Case Manager by Friday at 4:00 pm.  Usually, visits will progress from on-grounds to off-grounds and possibly to overnight visits with family or guardians.  Any off-grounds visit is subject to approval by a social worker.  Residents must also have a green light and an appropriate level to be allowed to have an off-grounds visit.  Some exceptions can be made with social worker approval.

Parent or Resident Grievance Form

If the information that you are looking for is not on this page, please contact the group home program directly.  Click here to view contact information.