Positive Alternatives has two group homes, one in River Falls and one in Menomonie. Both homes serve youth 12-17 in a co-ed setting. The co-ed aspect of the group homes has been a point of question or concern at times. It is important to remember that co-ed can be very beneficial. The “real world” is not same-sex. Many of the youth in the group home are stepping down from a more secure setting and should experience co-ed interaction in a controlled setting. Co-ed group homes help teach youth how to interact appropriately with members of the oppostive sex. State licensing agents have also indicated that fewer incidents of sexual contact occur in co-ed group homes than in same-sex group homes. Staff-to-resident ratios and levels of supervision are high to monitor interaction. Though there are risks associated with co-ed living in a group home, it is our belief that the benefits outweigh the risks and take precautions to minimize the risks that are there.